Gila County Treasurer’s Office Reissuing 2017 Personal Property Tax Bills

The Gila County Treasurer’s Office is re-sending the 2017 personal property tax bills. The reason cited is a software error. According to the Treasurer’s Office “Personal property taxes include all property except real estate. In Gila County, personal property tax bills are pink. If you received a blue tax bill, this correction does not affect you.

If you received a pink 2017 personal property tax bill from Gila County:
Look for a corrected personal property tax bill in the coming weeks.
Wait to pay your 2017 personal property taxes until the corrected bill arrives.
Pay the corrected amount by December 1.
If you received a personal property tax bill and already paid it, call the Gila County Treasurer’s Office at 928-402-8702.

If you have any questions about the correction call the Gila County Treasurer’s Office at 928-402-8702.”