Globe-Miami Gun Club Annual Turkey Shoot

The Globe-Miami Gun Club’s Annual Turkey Shoot is Nov. 17th. The funds raised at this event will be used to buy food for the local food bank. They have several fun and accuracy shoots planned. The fun shoots include; a round of golf with iron sighted handguns, golf ball driving, a poker shoot, & a few more. The accuracy shoots include; trap shooting, 5 stand sporting clays, 100 yard benchrest, & the 300 yard bowling pin event. The winners at most of the events will win a turkey, while others are for bragging rights. The rules will be posted at the site of the event. The cost of each event ranges from $3 to $5. The events will be divided into youth (16 years & under) and adults.

A noon meal will be provided to the shooters at the event. Shooters must wear eye protection while shooting. The club will provide these items if a shooter needs them.

There will be small raffle items with the tickets being $1 each. The tickets will be drawn during the noon meal.

A drawing is being held for a “Stainless Steel Ruger Vaquero Revolver in .45 Colt.” The Ruger Vaquero Revolver tickets are available at $10 per ticket. The drawing for the revolver will be held during the club’s annual Angel Shoot on Dec. 15th (you don’t need to be present to win). There are only 150 tickets available.

For more info, call 928-200-8709.

The Globe-Miami Gun Club is located at 2675 Bixby Rd. in Globe.