Interference Problem In The Greater Phoenix Area

The group that has been trying to run an AM station’s programming on 93.9 FM filed a letter with the FCC saying they started regular operations on May 9th. We are still appealing this action. If you experience interference while listening to us in the Greater Phoenix area, please fill out this complaint form. When you fill it out, return it via or by fax to 928-425-5063.

For 2 months now, KRDE The Ride 94.1 has been fighting a proposal for an FM translator in Apache Junction. The FCC granted that proposal BUT our appeal is pending. KRDE has learned that the facility has been built and may begin operating at any time. If and when it does, you will probably have trouble picking up the signal of KRDE The Ride 94.1 in Mesa, Tempe, Fountain Hills, and Apache Junction. At various places the signal of KRDE may be scratchy or noisy where it used to be clear. In other places, it might be scratchier or noisier than it used to be. In some places, the signal from this new robot facility, which will rebroadcast an AM station’s programming, might even completely replace the signal of KRDE. If you have problems picking up KRDE in spots where you used to hear us OR if the signal quality is poorer than it used to be, PLEASE LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY! FCC rules prohibit this new robot facility from impairing reception of KRDE, BUT to get the FCC to do something, we’ll need YOU, the listeners, to complain! There is the above complaint form in this post and on our Facebook page…if you have questions call KRDE, The Ride 94.1 at 877-700-9410.