One Central Heights Shooting Suspect Arrested, Two Still On The Loose

Gila County Sheriff’s Deputies apprehended Gabriel Paul Flores, 27, in connection to the Jan. 9th, shooting of Sunrise Mobile Home Park resident, Todd Hamlet. Hamlet is at a Valley Hospital recovering from the non-life threatening wounds.

Leon Justin Brown, 25, is being sought by Detectives. Leon is a Black male, is 5’9″, weighs approx. 140 to 155 pounds, possibly has scars and a pocked complexion, & has a large lettered tattoo across the front of his neck. He resides between the Phoenix area and Globe.

The third suspect is a Black male, between the ages of 16 and 25, & has a thin build.

If you have any information regarding the shooting, please call Det. Dickison of the Gila County Sheriff’s Office at 425-4449 ext. 4311. Don’t approach the suspects if you have any contact or information about them, call local Law Enforcement instead.