San Carlos Police Seeking Suspect Threatening To Kill Officers And People

UPDATE – 1:41 pm, 2-11-19: The San Carlos Police Dept. has announced: “Suspect Isaiah Polk has been arrested without incident. SCPD would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding.”


According the the San Carlos Police Department: “SCPD is currently searching for suspect Isaiah Polk. Polk made comments that he would kill officers and people. This individual is considered armed and dangerous. Do not approach this subject. Call (928) 475-2311 and or 911 if you have information.”

Chairman Terry Rambler has put an Emergency Executive Order in effect to place all buildings and offices of the San Carlos Apache Tribe on lockdown until further notice.

San Carlos Unified School District No. 20 had been under a lockdown, but has changed to a lockout in a recent release by Dr. Deborah J. Dennison, Superintendent of Schools which states: “Although the San Carlos Apache Tribal offices are still in lockdown mode, as of 11:00 am 2/11/19, the SCUSD Lockdown is changed and modified to Lockout procedures so students and staff may eat lunch internally. Please remember that lockout mode is not the same as Lockdown. Schools are still closed from the outside perimeter (gates are locked) with security and law enforcement stationed at the gate but no outsiders will be allowed onto campus. School will remain functioning as usual inside the building only, inside the schools gated property. Students and staff may go on with schedules today as normal inside your buildings only, including lunch and after school activities. We will continue having heightened security and law enforcement as precautions or until the local law enforcement notifies us. Once the tribal law enforcement through the Chairman lifts the community wide lockdown, we will not allow students and staff to leave the school perimeters, no parent or guardians will be allowed to check out students. Thank you for everyone’s cooperation as we continue working to keep the well-being and safety of our students and staff at the forefront.”

There is a $1,500 reward for information that leads to his arrest.

Isaiah Polk

Isaiah Polk














(photo courtesy of the San Carlos Police Department)