Failure To Stop Causes Crash of Two Tractor-trailers

Per the Globe PD release:

“On 12/9/2020 at 11:38 am, Globe Police and Fire responded to a reported collision at the Highway 60/188 junction involving two semi-tractor-trailer-trucks. Upon arrival, units discovered that east bound lanes of highway 60 were blocked due to an overturned trailer being pulled by one of the semis. The second semi involved was hauling acid and traveled through the railing at the edge of the highway and over an embankment. Both semi-trucks involved also spilled fuel and oil onto the highway as well.

Investigation of the collision determined that the semi-truck hauling acid was traveling south on Highway 188 and entered the intersection on a green light. The semi-truck hauling a flatbed trailer was traveling west on Highway 60 and entered the intersection after failing to stop for a red light, colliding with the second semi-truck. As a result, significant damage occurred to both semi-tractor-trailers as well as the traffic signals at the intersection. Both drivers were uninjured. One driver was cited for failure to stop for a red light.

Globe PD would like to thank all agencies that provided assistance, to include ADOT, AZ DPS, Gila County Sheriff’s Office and Tri-City Fire.”