Mescal Fire

UPDATE, 6/18/21: 100% contained. It is at a point where resources are being diverted elsewhere, but some crews will remain to monitor the perimeter over the next few days.


UPDATE, 6/10/21: SR 77 from Globe and Winkelman is open & Highway 70 is open.

Officials state, “The following communities are now “SET” status, including Beverly Hills and the T 11 Ranch. The communities of El Capitan (East and West of Highway 77), Skill Center, Lower Peridot, South Peridot remain in “SET” status. The communities of San Carlos, Lower Peridot, Peridot South, and Coyote Flats (San Carlos High School area) have returned to a “READY” status.”

It’s over 72,200 acres, but: 64% contained.


UPDATE 2, 6/8/21: “GO” mode has been issued for residents on the Southern side of US Highway 70.

A “Set” alert has been put in place for North of Highway 70, Cutter, & Apache Gold Casino.


UPDATE, 6/8/21: “GO” mode has been enacted for Beverly Hills and T11 Ranch residents.


UPDATE, 6/7/21: Gila Co. Emergency Management has issued the following –

“As a result of the Telegraph and Mescal fires the Gila County Sheriff’s office, the Miami Police Department, and the Globe Police Department in coordination with the Gila County Office of Emergency Management are issuing the following Set and Go evacuation notices.

The following areas have been placed in GO MODE:
Miami south of HWY 60 from Dairy Canyon to Mackey’s Camp.
Lower Central Heights – Russel Rd. from Coyote Trail through Russel Gulch.
Ice House Canyon, Kellner Canyon, and Six Shooter Canyon (from the Community Center South).
The East Side of El Capitan.

GO! Evacuate.
The danger in your area is imminent and life-threatening.
Residents should evacuate immediately to a shelter or with family/friends outside of the affected area. Residents should avoid close contact with those who are sick and should practice public health recommendations when relocating.
If you choose to ignore this advisement, you must understand emergency services may not be able to assist you further.
Follow instructions from emergency personnel, stay on designated evacuation routes and avoid closed areas.

The following areas have been placed in SET MODE:
CLAYPOOL on the south side of Highway 60. From the 60/188 junction to Miami.
Central Heights area between the 188 junctions to De Marcos. This includes Central Heights, Little Acres, Miami Gardens, and the Copper Country Mobile Home Park.
South Globe, all areas south of Highway 60 and highway 70 from De Marcos to the 70-77 junction.
West Side of El Capitan and Dripping Springs.

Set! Be Alert.
Know there is significant danger in your area.
Residents should consider voluntarily relocating to a shelter or with family/friends outside the affected area. Residents should avoid close contact with those who are sick and should practice public health recommendations when relocating.
Grab your emergency go kit.
Keep in mind unique needs for your family or special equipment for pets and livestock.
Stay aware of the latest news and information from public safety and public health officials.

At this time the Red Cross Evacuation Center is located at the High Desert Middle School – 4000 High Desert Drive, Globe, AZ 85501. Casino RV and Pavilion is open for RV and Camp trailers. Large animals and livestock can be relocated to the Burch Stockyards.

For questions about animal sheltering please contact John Castaneda: 928-701-1028″


UPDATE 2, 6/6/21: The Red Cross has moved the Lee Kornegay Intermediate School shelter in Miami to High Desert Middle School, 4000 High Desert Drive in Globe.


UPDATE, 6/6/21:

As it stands:

“US 60 is closed in both directions between Superior and Top-of-The-World, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation.

The closure (between mileposts 227 and 239) is due to the continuing brush fire situation

Motorists should also be advised that State Routes 77 and 177 remain closed. SR 77 is closed in both directions between the SR 177 junction in Winkelman and US 70 in Globe. SR 177 is closed in both directions between the SR 77 junction in Winkelman and US 60 in Superior.

US 70 is closed to semis, light traffic is being routed through San Carlos.”

Coyote Flats Peridot Heights, The San Carlos High School Area and all residents along Route 3 were evacuated.

Lower Peridot, Skill Center, Peridot South, T11 Ranch, Beverly Hills, & El Capitan west of SR 77 are in “Set” mode.

The fire is over 25,900 acres & 2% contained.


UPDATE 2, 6/5/21:

Quick notes from Officials: Highway 77 is closed. Highway’s 60 & 70 in the area face closure depending upon today’s wind and weather. Evacuations are in effect for El Capitan & Soda Canyon. The Soda Canyon order is for 48 hours, but could be extended. The Gila County Shelter is at Lee Kornegay Elementary School in Miami & for San Carlos it is the Bingo Hall at Apache Gold Casino.

Road 600/Old Winkelman Rd. is under Evacuation with a “Go” status for Coyote Flats (behind High School).

Area restrictions are now in place:

“Pursuant to 43 CFR 8351.2-1 or 43 CFR 9212.2(a) and effective at 10:00 p.m. June 05, 2021 and until rescinded, public access is temporarily prohibited to public lands in Gila County within the Mescal Fire Operational Area as noted below.

Closure applies to public lands within the area bounded as follows:

Gila River to the south,
State Highway 77 to E. Ranch Creek Road to the west
BIA Road 700 from E. Ranch Creek Road to the west
Reservation Road 660 to the East
Temporary Prohibited Acts:

Entry to public lands by motorized use, pedestrian or equestrian use, and recreational use unless a specific exemption has been granted.
Entry to Needles Eye Wilderness.
A violation of this closure is punishable by a fine of not more than $1,000.00 or imprisonment of not more than 12 months, or both.

Exempted. Except in emergency conditions or permission by an agency authorized officer, there are no exemptions to this closure.”

The fire has grown to over 7,900 acres.


UPDATE, 6/5/21: Officials state, “crews will be initiating firing operations around Soda Canyon, south of the river and north to the 600 Road.

The decision was made to take advantage of more favorable weather conditions overnight in anticipation of predicted Red Flag weather conditions tomorrow.

A local Red Flag warning will be in effect from 12pm-8pm.”


UPDATE 2, 6/4/21: Per Officials, “Road will be close starting from 6 mile and all of Route 3 to Bylas. Ready, Set, Go Action Plan …. All of Peridot district and south of Highway 70 are in Set alert” & “At Chairman Rambler’s request for the safety of Tribal members and individuals wanting to recreate at the San Carlos Lake, the following area closure is in effect: San Carlos lands west of Route 3 and Old San Carlos road south to the Reservation border are closed to all entry. There is also a rumor about the power transmission lines being shut down. That is only a rumor and the line remains on.

Soda Canyon Area is in “Go” status.
Community north of Route 3 and Old San Carlos Junction up to Highway 70 and the Beverly Hills Community area are in “Set” status.
Evacuation Site is being set up by the Red Cross at the Apache Gold Casino.”


UPDATE, 6/4/21: A ‘Go!’ order has been issued for El Capitan residents east of SR 77 between mile marker 155 & 161. The evacuation shelter is at Lee Kornegay School, 4735 S. Ragus Rd. in Miami.

It has also been announced by officials, “Roads closed due to fire on SR-77: Northbound from W 3rd St (135) to E Bar F Bar Ranch Rd (170) . Lane Closed. SR-77 Southbound from Pipeline Rd (170) to E Cobo Ln (135) . Lane Closed.”

The fire is over 5,500 acres.


The Mescal Fire started on June 1st, at roughly 11 am. It has since burned over 2,300 acres. There are at least 200 personnel assigned to the fire. It is located about 7 miles Northeast of Dripping Springs.