Salt and Sears Fires Public Safety Closure Orders Lifted

Officials from the Tonto National Forest were able to lift the public safety closure orders that had been in place due to the Salt and Sears Fires. The reason:

“Following these fires, Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) teams conducted assessments to identify impacts on the landscape from both fires and recommended actions for mitigation and management of the burned areas to protect the health and safety of forest visitors and to prevent additional resource damage.

“BAER team mitigation measures have been completed and we are doing everything possible to reopen these burned areas as quickly as possible without sacrificing safety,” said Acting Deputy Forest Supervisor Michael Martinez of the Tonto National Forest. “Because we are passed the time period when we typically experience intense summer thunderstorms, there is a lower likelihood of significant debris-flow and flash flood.”

The BAER final report recommended emergency response actions that include the installation of warning signs and repair of fire impacted infrastructure.”