Telegraph Fire

UPDATE, 6/17/21: Bellevue residents have been moved down to “Ready” mode. The Pinal Co. Sheriff’s Office has announced Top-of-the-World and Oak Flats campground are now in “Ready” mode.


UPDATE, 6/16/21: Officials have announced, “The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office has put Ray Mine, Riverside, Kearny, Winkelman, and Hayden on “READY” status due to the spread of the Telegraph Fire. READY means Prepare Now. Make a family evacuation plan, build a 72-hour emergency go kit, and check with your neighbors to ensure they are READY too.”


UPDATE, 6/15/21: Wind Spirit, Hagen Ranch, Slash S Ranch, & Government Springs were placed in “Go” mode.

The fire has grown to over 123,000 acres. The containment is 68%.


UPDATE, 6/14/21: El Capitan, Beverly Hills, & Dripping Springs residents are in “Go” mode. Officials have announced, “Temporary shelters have been set up at the High Desert Middle School, and the Gilson Wash Activity Center. Small animals can be taken to the Gila County Animal Care and Control center. The Apache Gold Casino RV Park is accepting evacuees with camp trailers, and livestock may be held at the Apache Gold Pavilion. Pet and livestock owners are responsible for their animals. The San Carlos Apache Tribe Emergency Response Commission have information on evacuations at: 928-475-2008. Gila County Emergency Management has activated a call center for information on sheltering if you evacuate due to the wildfire: 928-910-4009 8 a.m.-5 p.m.”

SR 77 is closed in both directions.


UPDATE, 6/12/21: Per officials, “Residents of Globe, Miami, Claypool, and Central Heights may return to “Ready” mode at this time. The area of Ice House, Six shooter, and Kellner Canyons will remain in “SET” mode.”


UPDATE, 6/11/21: US 60 from Superior to Miami is open, but with reduced speeds and visibility. Also, residents from lower Central Heights (Russell Rd. from Coyote Trail through Russel Gulch) have been allowed to return home, but are now in “Set” mode. Power has been turned back on at Top-of-the-World, but residents are still in “Go” mode.


UPDATE, 6/10/21: Superior & the Battle Axe area are now in “Ready” mode. Officials report, “Miami residents on the Southside of Highway 60 from Dairy Canyon West to Mackey’s Camp and Shultz Ranch are able to return home. Residents are to remain on “SET” status.”

SR 177 from Superior to Winkelman is open. US 60 from Superior to Miami is still closed.

The fire is 40% contained and over 85,300 acres in size.


UPDATE 2, 6/7/21: Gila Co. Emergency Management has issued the following –

“As a result of the Telegraph and Mescal fires the Gila County Sheriff’s office, the Miami Police Department, and the Globe Police Department in coordination with the Gila County Office of Emergency Management are issuing the following Set and Go evacuation notices.

The following areas have been placed in GO MODE:
Miami south of HWY 60 from Dairy Canyon to Mackey’s Camp.
Lower Central Heights – Russel Rd. from Coyote Trail through Russel Gulch.
Ice House Canyon, Kellner Canyon, and Six Shooter Canyon (from the Community Center South).
The East Side of El Capitan.

GO! Evacuate.
The danger in your area is imminent and life-threatening.
Residents should evacuate immediately to a shelter or with family/friends outside of the affected area. Residents should avoid close contact with those who are sick and should practice public health recommendations when relocating.
If you choose to ignore this advisement, you must understand emergency services may not be able to assist you further.
Follow instructions from emergency personnel, stay on designated evacuation routes and avoid closed areas.

The following areas have been placed in SET MODE:
CLAYPOOL on the south side of Highway 60. From the 60/188 junction to Miami.
Central Heights area between the 188 junctions to De Marcos. This includes Central Heights, Little Acres, Miami Gardens, and the Copper Country Mobile Home Park.
South Globe, all areas south of Highway 60 and highway 70 from De Marcos to the 70-77 junction.
West Side of El Capitan and Dripping Springs.

Set! Be Alert.
Know there is significant danger in your area.
Residents should consider voluntarily relocating to a shelter or with family/friends outside the affected area. Residents should avoid close contact with those who are sick and should practice public health recommendations when relocating.
Grab your emergency go kit.
Keep in mind unique needs for your family or special equipment for pets and livestock.
Stay aware of the latest news and information from public safety and public health officials.

At this time the Red Cross Evacuation Center is located at the High Desert Middle School – 4000 High Desert Drive, Globe, AZ 85501. Casino RV and Pavilion is open for RV and Camp trailers. Large animals and livestock can be relocated to the Burch Stockyards.

For questions about animal sheltering please contact John Castaneda: 928-701-1028″


UPDATE, 6/7/21: Miami residents south of Highway 60 from Dairy Canyon to Macky’s Camp are in “Go” mode.


UPDATE 3, 6/6/21: The Red Cross has moved the Lee Kornegay Intermediate School shelter in Miami to High Desert Middle School, 4000 High Desert Drive in Globe.


UPDATE 2, 6/6/21: The Gila County Sheriff’s Office is reporting as of “Sunday June 6, 2021 06:08pm Schultz Ranch, Macky’s Camp areas are in GO MODE. Town of Miami, Claypool is in SET MODE.
Areas west of Highway 60 & Highway 188 and west of Russell Rd are in SET MODE.”

Other areas in “Set” mode include Little Acres & Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center.


UPDATE, 6/6/21: Top-of-the-World residents were evacuated today. Red Cross shelters are at Lee Kornegay Intermediate School in Miami & Skyline High School in Mesa. Shelters for large animals are open at the Birch Stockyard, 2822 N. Hwy 188 in Globe & the Apache Junction Rodeo Grounds.

U.S. 60 between Superior and Miami is closed, as well as, AZ SR 177 south of Superior.

Superior is still in “Set” mode.

Oaks Flats campground was evacuated.

The fire is over 34,300 acres.

Originally Published 6/05/2021 13:35
The Telegraph Fire began yesterday and has grown to 7,000 acres. The fire has caused Superior to be placed in the “SET- Be Alert” status. Officials report, “AZ State Rte 177 is closed south of Superior. Officials anticipate Area Closures soon south of US 60.” The fire is roughly 5 miles south of Superior.