The real story about “The Ride” (KRDE-FM 94.1)

In 1987 an FCC application window opened for a low power, 3 kw Class A* License in Globe.
After a year of waiting for a comparative hearing, the first construction permit was granted.
The following eight years were spent doing upgrade applications and engineering work.

Finally, in October of 1995, the station went on the air as a 25 kw Class C3* as KRXS 97.3, or
“The 97 Express”. Then later changed format and was referred to as “K-Rocks”. A lot of time
was spent learning the radio business and finding a format that would work in attracting
listeners and sponsors.

Another upgrade application was started in the never-ending effort to improve the signal. In
2002 the station was granted a 50kw Class C2* License.

In 2005, as requested by the FCC, the station changed frequency to 94.1 FM. At that time the
call letters were changed to KRDE , “The Ride”, to reflect our new Country music format. In
2005 we also purchased a building and moved to our current studio location at 5269 S.
Johnson Road in Globe (previously 800 N. Main Street).

KRDE continued to improve and grow. In March of 2011 we again increased out power. The
new, more powerful KRDE is now a 100kw Class C1* License.

KRDE is one of the few independently owned ratio station in the United States. The KRDE
license is also one of the very few owned by a minority female.

*CLICK HERE to find out more about the FM classes of service as defined by the FCC.
Our Public File with the FCC is accessible online.


KRDE Coverage Map

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