Be Careful With What You Put In The Recycling Bins

The following is an important message involving Gila County Landfill staff safety:

“Recently Gila County Landfill staff has been finding lots of stuff besides recycling in the large green bins that are available to the public. From cactus to cat litter to sheet rock, the County employees who hand sort the contents of the bins have seen an increase lately in these contaminants.

In order keep the bins available as a free resource to the public, it is important that only types 1-3 plastics go in the green bins. “Types 1-3” refers to the number on the bottom of the bottle. To keep it simple, remember that beverage bottles are almost always type 1-3. Staff is happy to remove the odd plastic item that doesn’t meet the requirements, but trash and other contaminants can compromise their safety and bring the process to a halt.

If you have any questions about recycling in Gila County call 928-425-7470.”