Globe’s New Pedestrian Signal Causing Confusion

The City of Globe has had a new Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon near the Globe High School since July 18th, & the phases of the beacon’s signal have caused a bit of confusion amongst some drivers. According to ADOT; “The flashing red indicator actually means the same thing as a posted stop sign—-traffic must stop and make sure it is safe before they may proceed. When the flashing red lights are activated on the pedestrian signal, traffic must stop and then they may proceed if the crosswalk is clear. The flashing red signal is a federal requirement for the signal and it is slightly different than a regular pedestrian signal at an intersection controlled by a traffic signal. At a traffic intersection controlled by a traffic signal, there are no flashing red lights so traffic must stay stopped until the green signal appears.”

Information about the beacon has been available at the Globe City Hall and Globe Police & Fire Dept.’s. You can also view what the signals mean by visiting the project’s page.