Free Travel Alert App Offered By ADOT

The Arizona Department of Transportation wants to make it easier for motorists to “avoid unplanned and lengthy travel delays, and other serious highway hazards.” ‘ADOT Alerts’ is free and intended to serve that purpose. It utilizes geofencing to “send alerts to mobile devices with the app in affected areas and in advance of roadway decision points, giving the public plenty of time to choose an alternate route or delay their travel plans and avoid sitting in lengthy backups.” A public information officer at the ADOT Traffic Operations Center will send the alerts so the information you receive is correct. They advise, “To get the most out of ADOT Alerts, enable Location Services and Push Notifications so you can be immediately notified of the most relevant alerts in your area. That way, whenever ADOT sends an alert to an area your mobile device is in, it will pop up on your device’s screen with a distinctive alert sound.” Also, “Users do not have to sign up, register or create a log-in to use the app. You remain 100 percent anonymous.” The app is available in Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Please visit for more details.