Gila County Relocating Globe-Miami’s Green Recycling Bins

The green recycling bins in Globe-Miami are being moved by Gila County to a new location “due to ongoing and excessive contamination with trash and hazardous materials.” According to the County, “Although problems with trash and other dangerous contaminants in the bins has been continuous, in recent months the bins have been more than 50% contaminated, which forced their removal. Hazardous materials in the bins create unsafe conditions for the county employees who must sort them.” They are being moved from their current locations (“open lot east of the courthouse, on South Broad across from the VFW, and on the vacant lot by Fry’s”) to the Russell Gulch Landfill. They will then be under surveillance. The bins will then be accessible at all hours every day while they are “just before the gate to the landfill” at 5891 Hope Lane.

The blue bins are not being moved. Glass doesn’t belong in those bins.

The County “thanks those residents who make the extra effort to recycle and help keep plastics out of our landfills.”