Globe Changes City Code For Junk/Abandoned Vehicles

The Globe Police Department will begin issuing warnings for 30 days starting on June 1st, until the enforcement of the revised City Code regarding Junk/Abandoned Vehicles put in place by the the City of Globe Mayor and Council goes into effect on July 1st. The City Code now reads;

“City Code 15-5-5: It is a civil violation for any person to abandon any vehicle on public property or right of way. Evidence that a vehicle was left unattended for a period of forty-eight (48) hours within right-of-way of any highway, road, street or public throroughfare of for a period of seventy-two (72) hours on other public property in prima facie evidence of abandonment. Members of the police department so authorized by the Chief of Police may remove or cause to be removed any abandon vehicle

Primary reasons for a vehicle being labeled abandoned:

1. The vehicle cannot be started with its own battery.
2. The vehicle is on blocks or similar devices, or
3. The vehicle has a deflated tire or tires, or
4. A wheel or tire has been removed on the vehicle, or
5. The vehicle does not have a current, fully paid registration from the State of Arizona; or
6. It is a partially or wholly dismantled vehicle.”