Globe Zeroing In On Property & Parking Violations

City of Globe Property Maintenance Code Enforcement Officers are going to be ramping up issuing warnings, that if left unresolved will lead to fines, for neglected yards & houses, as well as seemingly abandoned vehicles and trailers parked on City Streets. The City of Globe is reminding property owners/renters to keep their yards clean of weeds and trash & take care of broken windows, peeling paint, & bad roofing. All abandoned cars and trailers parked on City Streets will be tagged with a warning ticket. The vehicle &/or trailer will then be towed after 7 days if it has not been removed. The tagging and towing will be done to all vehicles if they are parked in such a manner they violate State and City Codes. If you have any questions, please call 928-425-7146 ext. 22.