Pets In Need Action League

Pets In Need Action League (P.I.N.A.L.) is a 501c3 that “serves all of Pinal County by providing free spaying and neutering of dogs and cats for any low income family who qualifies if they have a food stamp or AHCCCS card or if someone acting as head of the family is on Social Security or Disability.” If you qualify, you will need to sign up your cat(s) &/or dog(s) with P.I.N.A.L. so they can be spayed or neutered. The free spaying and neutering isn’t all the group provides. If your cat(s) &/or dog(s) are already spayed or neutered, they are eligible for free pet food from P.I.N.A.L. via the traveling pet food bank. Please visit to get more information, make a donation, see the traveling pet food bank’s locations, or register.